Basel Universität


PhD theses

  1. Alexander Käser: Photoproduction of ηπ-pairs off nucleons
  2. Stefanie Garni: Measurement of polarisation observables for a circularly polarised photon beam and a transversally polarised target in the photoproduction of neutral pion pairs off the proton
  3. Lillian Witthauer: Measurement of Cross Sections and Polarisation Observables in η Photoproduction from Neutrons and Protons bound in Light Nuclei
  4. Manuel Dieterle: Measurement of Polarization Observables in π0 and π0π0 Photoproduction from Protons and Neutrons at MAMI and ELSA
  5. Markus Oberle: Photoproduction of pion pairs off nucleons
  6. Dominik Werthmüller: Experimental study of nucleon resonance contributions to η-photoproduction on the neutron
  7. Yasser Maghrbi: Photoproduction of mesons off 7Li - Properties of hadrons in nuclear matter
  8. Giuseppe Testa: Measurement of the Total Cross Section of the 2H(α,γ)6Li Radiative Capture Reaction
  9. Bénédicte Boillat: The Magnetic Dipole Moment of the Δ+ (1232) Resonance
  10. Fabien Zehr: Double pion photoproduction off the proton at threshold and in the second resonance region
  11. Igal Jaeglé: π0π0,η and η' photoproduction off the deuteron or The search for missing resonances
  12. Thierry Mertens: Photo-Excitation of Nucleon Resonances from complex nuclei
  13. Frederic Bloch: Photoproduction of pion pairs from calcium nuclei

master theses

  1. Michael Günther, Oktober 2015: Coherent Double π0 Photoproduction off Deuteron
  2. Samuel Abt, September 2015: Photoproduction of π0 π+Pairs off the Proton
  3. Faisal Zeeshan, January 2013: Test of Low Noise/Low Power Preamplifier for PANDA EMC
  4. Lilian Witthauer, January 2010: η-Photoproduction off 3He
  5. Manuel Dieterle, January 2010: Photoproduction of π0-Mesons off Quasi-Free Protons and Neutrons
  6. Markus Oberle, December 2009: Quasifree Photoproduction of Pion Pairs off Nucleons bound in the Deuteron
  7. Ronny Blum, September 2009: Bau einer Driftkammer und Simulation mit dem Programm GARFIELD
  8. Therese Challand, September 2007: Analysis of the 1H(d(pol),pp)n Breakup Experiment
  9. Dominik Werthmüller, September 2007: Photoproduction of η' Mesons off the Deuteron near Threshold
  10. Roman Trojer, April 2004: Vorbereitende Analyse zum Experiment zur Messung des totalen Wirkungsquerschnitts von d(α,γ)6Li (DALI)

project theses

  1. Nicolas Jerman, March 2018: First Level Analysis (Detector Calibrations) for an Experiment at the Mainz MAMI Accelerator
  2. Samuel Abt , November 2014: Development and Building of a Spark Chamber for Demonstration Purposes
  3. Timo Gasser , November 2013: The Analysis Software for the Preamplifier Testing Station for the Crystal Barrel Upgrade
  4. Fabian Müller , June 2013: The Construction of an FPGA Based Test Setup for the Crystal Barrel Upgrade
  5. Alexander Käser, April 2010: Photoproduction of ηπ0-pairs off the deuteron
  6. Markus Oberle, March 2009: Helizitätsasymmetrie in der Photoproduktion von neutralen Pion-Paaren am Deuterium
  7. Manuel Dieterle, January 2009: Comparison of the Experimental Resolution in Case of Using a 1.76 or 4.76 cm LD2 Target
  8. Lilian Witthauer, November 2008: Identification of the Recoil Nucleon Using the TOF-Wall
  9. Ronny Blum, August 2008: Bau einer Diffusionsnebelkammer mit Trockeneis
  10. Marie-Luise Wille, January 2008: Photoproduction of the η Meson off the Deuteron
  11. Martha Lasia, September 2007: Untersuchung archäologischer Keramik anhand Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse
  12. Claudia Lenz, July 2007: Test of a Lead Tungstate-based Subunit for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the future PANDA Detector
  13. Marlon Horras, March 2007: The Walk Correction in a Nuclear Physical Experiment
  14. Therese Challand, September 2006: Reaktoroperateur-Schule